Cissexism means we love our bodies and souls together

by nonewsisnew

This article says that we discriminate when we consider a body as meant to go along with a soul.   It is cissexist (cis-, meaning from the same side [the opposite of trans-]; and sexist, to discriminate based upon sex).  To assume a body and a soul match gender is therefore discriminatory and unjust.

To me, this sounds a lot like Gnosticism.  Marcion (born 85 – died160), a self-styled “Christian Gnostic”, believed that the world is quite evil.  We can get away from this evil by coming to knowledge (gnosis in Greek, hence the word Gnostic) of who we are and of who God is.  One major consequence of this is that Gnostics believe God would never debase himself by taking on this evil fleshy and physical existence we have.  This denial that Christ became like us in all things but sin is why Gnosticism is a heresy.

If matter is evil and doesn’t match our true spiritual self, then it becomes obvious that the matter needs to be changed.  This is because matter is the bad evil part of a person, not the good holy part, and therefore the bad part should be made to match the good part.  Here is where we get transexuals (and hence from the article, “men” who might abort their offspring).  The knowledge of who they “really” are trumps the corrupted body, which doesn’t match this supposed truth.

Contrast this with the Christian vision: that God made the world good, and men and women very good.  The fall of humans through sin corrupted the world, but did not destroy its inherent goodness.  This means we are who we are supposed to be, and no one else.  This is a truth Christians have inherited from our Jewish ancestors in the faith.  Rabbi Zusya once said, “When I get to the heavenly court, God will not ask me, ‘Why weren’t you Moses?’ Rather he will ask me, ‘Why were you not Zusya?'”  Our teleological end is to be ourselves, and that is what God desires of us.  I don’t need to be St. Francis (or any other holy person) to get into heaven, I need to be me.  If I faithfully lived out the life of St. Francis, I doubt I would make it to heaven because I am not called to be St. Francis, I am called to be me.

Your body could be considered an enfleshment of your soul, or an ensoulment of your flesh.  You are one person with two aspects of that one personhood.  To deny the bodily part of you, to say things like “I’m really a skinny person” or “I’m really the opposite gender” or “I’m really a different race”, is to deny who you are.  Your body is just as worthy as your soul, because they are both aspects of the one you.  I happen to have the body of a male, but that doesn’t mean I can’t also have a soul that enjoys “The Princess Diaries II“.  I do best to deny neither part of me, but to accept the whole me.

I therefore see cissexism as a badge of honor, we should all be cissexist.  I accept the whole person, and don’t exclude their physical parts.  I am not a Gnostic who believes your body is evil and should be rejected, but rather a Christian who will embrace the whole you.  For some 1900 years Catholics have embraced the whole person, it’s sad to see some aspects of Gnosticism still around today, still rejecting who people are.