“You are just a robot”

by nonewsisnew


In this disturbing article we find out schools teach 9-10 year olds that their bodies can be treated as merely tools for pleasure.  While the teaching will include “beliefs and opinions may vary”, by not condemning treating bodies as things, it implicitly teaches that one permissible belief is to use people as things.  This is a dangerous and demeaning idea.

Masturbation, at it’s core, is Materialist.  The body is only a thing that can be used or not used at will.  A natural outcome of teaching bodies are things to be used is shown in this song called “Robot” by Nada Surf (at least PG13 for themes):

In the song, the main character is called a robot, because of how he blindly follows his impulses and uses people as things for sexual pleasure.  This is what masturbation is: using a body for pleasure.  If I may treat my own body as a thing, what would stop me from treating another person just as poorly?

In contrast, Catholics teach sexual pleasure is a good shared between people.  If the wife or husband is reduced to merely a sex toy, a body to use, then the good is no longer shared.  A communion of persons is a meeting of body and soul.  If only bodies meet then there is no communion, there is only robotic physical action to satisfy selfish lust.

We are people, not robots.  Materialism teaches our brains are only physical neurons firing off, just a robotic mind controlling a robotic body.  What a sad view of humans.  Catholics teach we are more than just our flesh and blood, and that is why masturbation is evil.  It is not an evil because God arbitrarily wants to deny us pleasure (that would be what Nominalism suggests), but it is an evil because it hurts our communion with ourselves and others by treating bodies as things rather than as persons.