Amnesty is the American (and Catholic) Way

by nonewsisnew

This article seems to forget Catholics are catholic.  Catholics think of the universality of the Church.  While one may be more Gallican or Ultramontanist, we always remember our common ancestry of Adam and Eve.  We are all siblings, but we divide our land into many nations because we are not homogeneous.

What this means is that Christ wasn’t meant just for the West, he was meant for all.  There is no fear of societal suicide or a pillaging of wealth because we are a family.  The intention of the Church is not to condemn the West but rather to remember that with the great privilege inherent in being born white or in the industrialized West comes great responsibility to our neighbor.

We might banter about what the best way to aid our neighbor is, but we must seek to aid them.  Amnesty is one way to aid them.  Another would be helping develop their home countries.  Welcoming pilgrims into our land seems like the easiest way, and fits with the American ideals expressed on the Statue of Liberty:

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”.

To have clergy support such an American ideal as accepting the poor refuge from another land as well as recognizing our common union is hardly a call for the extinction of the West.  The heresy that the Church should only be concerned with a few elect rather than all people is close to the heresy of Donatism.  Sinners were excluded in donatism, and in the linked to article it is people of color and poor people who are excluded.  The “True Church” is considered western Christianity, and Christians not so lucky to be born in the West or of the right skin color are considered heathen.  This is heresy denies the Catholicity of the Church.