What do we sacrifice for?

by nonewsisnew


Kali, goddess of destruction.

Kali, goddess of destruction.

This article is about a man who sacrificed his infant son to the goddess Kali.  One of the wonderful things about Christianity is that it helps to put an end to these sorts of brutal actions.  In the Catholic faith we recognize the need for blood to be spilled, but thanks be to God it is his and not ours.

When we cut ourselves off from the divine life through sin, the natural consequence is death (i.e., we experience the absence of life because we cut ourselves off from the source of life).  This man recognized that absence of divine life in childless couples and sought to rectify that.  He therefore committed some of the most ancient sins.  He sought to be like God without God’s help, just as Adam and Eve.  He sought to reconcile God with Mankind by his own actions, just like the Tower of Babel.  The battle of the Christian has already been won, she just needs to accept it.  This is one of the hardest parts of confession: accepting absolution.  The blood for us has already been spilled.

Carthage child sacrifices, the brutality of the Roman games, the violent barbarians, all were tempered by the Christian understanding that the sacrifice has already been finished.  It was never a complete conversion of Europe, and it took a long time, but great progress was made until our current era, where again we practice child sacrifices to our gods.



Our modern gods are our own whims.  Healthy females die merely for being female, and not only in Asia.  Our backwards and regressive modern society rejects the value of the feminine, and so sacrifices healthy infants on the altar of personal desire.

As horrid as it is to kill your son with an axe, at least this guy did it in a misguided attempt to help others.  The parents of the children sacrificed over gender preference are not so noble.

As with older gods, our modern gods also have state support, with the EU considering treating abortion as a human right.  I defy you, dear reader, to find anything either “human” or “right” about terminating a life because it is female instead of male.

Again, it is an issue of people putting themselves in the place of God.  The phrase, “I want a boy, so we’ll abort any girls”, treats children and commodities instead of as people.  Children become chattel to accessorize our lives with rather than a divine gift of life to nurture and love.

This doesn’t relate to a particular heresy, but underlies many.  Anglicanism was created because Henry VIII wanted to divorce and re-marry (thus putting himself ahead of Christ’s teaching), Liberation Theology can sometimes think we might build our way to heaven through structural reforms on earth, and so forth.  All of these try to supplant the gifts God has given us and place our whims before love of God and neighbour.