The Degradation of Beauty

by nonewsisnew


Sometimes I wish I lived in the Star Trek universe, where we have moved beyond the desire for money and peoples’ needs are taken care of so that we might focus upon self improvement.  Sadly we don’t, and so people degrade what is good and beautiful to survive in the harsh environment of capitalism.  The above Newsweek article dives into how increased costs for health care are driving an increase in prostitution.  Oh, euphemisms like “Sugar Daddy” are employed to try and mask what’s happening, but it’s sex for money/goods: which is the definition of prostitution.

People desire what is good, but in a ruthless capitalistic world, the good sought often becomes destroyed in the process of acquiring it.  The purpose of our lives on this earth is unity with others and God.  Sex is pleasurable and good because it helps to reinforce that unity of two people.  This is why the best sex is monogamous.  In seeking the pleasure without the attachment the good is degraded and the sex is less pleasurable.

I think this rise in prostitution is part of the “widespread mentality of profit, the ‘throwaway culture,’ which now enslaves the hearts and minds of many”.   Our capitalist culture encourages wealthy johns to debase women rather than aid them; using their wealth as a tool to manipulate those who are poor.  Enslaved to greed, the johns misunderstand the purpose of sex, and so falsely think they are getting the real deal when the best sex is actually married sex.

EDIT: I just noticed this article which came out the day after I posted, which talks about how casual sex causes depression.