“My body was telling me something was wrong”


I’ve talked in general about birth control, but this article lets me narrow in on a specific point: Some forms of birth control work by destroying a healthy body, and it is bad to destroy health.  While many women can destroy their health in ways that aren’t painful, some face the negative consequences as shown in this article.

This particular form of contraception involves putting one of the following in each of a woman’s two fallopian tubes:

essureThe body responds by trying to seal off the intrusive metal with tissue growth in a process that is little understood.  This tissue growth seals off the tube so that eggs both cannot be fertilized nor drop into the uterus to implant.  No wonder the articles lead source says, “My body was telling me something was wrong”.  The end result is that healthy fallopian tubes are filled with metal and tissue and damaged beyond repair.  The self mutilation is on par with Aboriginal tribes who cut holes into penises so that they leak and cannot deliver sperm unless plugged.  It is the destruction of a good and healthy body part.

It is a sad world that has men and women self mutilating their healthy bodies to find love.